Choosing a Paragliding Helmet

paragliding helmetParagliding helmets are specifically designed for air sports. Don’t try to multitask with your motorcycle, bicycle or football helmet! Aviation helmets have twin shell construction. The outer shell is hard and is designed to keep objects from penetrating the helmet. The inner shell is made to absorb energy to reduce head injuries.

Whether you choose an open face helmet or a full face helmet is a matter of personal preference. If you want maximum protection, go with the full face helmet. This type of helmet is more expensive compared to open face helmets. Some pilots complain that they feel more isolated from the experience behind the full face helmet. You should choose a helmet that offers the maximum visibility without compromising safety. Look for helmets that have been designed for maximum field of vision.

If you have bought helmets of any type before, you are probably used to checking for compliance with a certain standard. The relevant standard for paragliding helmets is CEN EN966. This standard originated in Europe. It takes into account the performance of the helmet in shock absorption, penetration resistance, field of view and head mobility.

How should paragliding helmets fit? A paragliding helmet should fit snugly onto your head. But you should not feel continuous pressure. You don’t want the helmet to come off during an accident. The color of the helmet is totally up to you. White helmets are the cheapest from practically every manufacturer. The more exotic colors and designs will cost extra.

There are a few extras for your helmet that you might consider adding. A visor can be helpful when flying on sunny days. Not only does it protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, it can also give you better visibility as you look down toward the ground or at the horizon. You also might want to add a radio headset that is integrated into your paragliding helmet. This will make communicating with the ground or other pilots a lot more convenient and comfortable.