Where are the Paragliders Manufactured

Advance -> Own factory in Vietnam
Aircross -> No info (Thailand?)
AirDesign -> No info (Thailand?)
APCO -> Own factory in Israel
BGD -> Made by AeroDyanmics in Sri Lanka
DaVinci -> No info (Thailand?)
Dudek -> Own factory in Poland
Flow -> Tailand
Independence – Sky Sports Lanka PTV Lda – Siri Lanka
Skyman- Sky Sports Lanka PTV Lda – Siri Lanka
Uturn- Sky Sports Lanka PTV Lda – Siri Lanka
Mac Para own production in Czech Republic
Skywalk -> Gin/China
UP -> Used to be in China
Gin -> Own factory in China, after original one in North Korea closed
Gradient -> Own factory in Czech Republic (with SupAir?)
Icaro -> Made by AeroDynamics in Sri Lanka
Niviuk -> Own factory in Vietnam
Nova -> Own factory in Hungary
Ozone -> Own factory in Vietnam
Phi -> Made by AeroDynamics in Sri Lanka
Sol -> Own factory in Brasil
Sky Paragliders-> Own factory in Czech Republic
Skywalk -> Gin Factory in China
SupAir -> Own factory in Czech Republic (with Gradient?)
Swing -> No info
Triple Seven -> Made by AeroDynamics in Sri Lanka
Windtech -> Own factory in Spain

Paragliding Brands


Eagle Paragliding

Eagle Paragliding wing has been training new and current paragliding students for over a decade. They were they first sister school of Airplay Paragliding before the two schools merged in 2006. Eagle Paragliding is recognized as the student and current powered pilots best choice for all levels of paragliding training in the United States, and tours all over the world.

Advance sigma

Air wave

Airwave has been a leader in Hang Gliding and Paragliding for the last 20 years since it’s creation in 1979.  Originally a Hang Glider manufacturer, Airwave’s early successes were on the Magic series of Hang Gliders, with a strong team of top British pilots who dominated the World Hang Gliding Competition circuit for over ten years.In 1989 Bruce Goldsmith set up the paragliding side of Airwave which has gained a reputation for safe, high quality paragliders. Info About Airwave Product: Air wave reviews.


APCO has been involved in the paragliding industry from the very beginning. Anatoly Cohn, the company’s owner and founder, started in hang gliding, designing and building gliders from 1976 with Agur Gliders until 1982 when he founded APCO. He quickly realized that paragliding was the direction for sport flying and concentrated on developing quality gliders at a competitive price. Since that time the company has steadily grown, employing now 60 people and produces thousands of powered paragliders, harnesses and parachute reserve systems every year. Read Apco Product Reviews: Apco Paragliding reviews.



Gin Gliders was formed in 1998 by paraglider designer and competition pilot Gin Seok Song and his team of engineers and test pilots.The “GIN Team” has dominated the Paragliding World Cup every year since 1998, and has had countless other competition successes in World Cups, World and National Championships. This high level of expertise provided by dedicated professionals ensures that you get the best possible product support and after sales service. More info Gin Product Reviews: Gin Paragliding reviews.


Dudek Paragliders is a manufacturer of the highest quality wings for paragliding and paramotoring reviews. Our full range of products – from school to competition level paragliders – puts Dudek at the top of the list for many pilots. All our products are manufactured in Poland (European Union), making Dudek one of the few factories that doesn’t outsource production to other countries. Read More Dudek Paragliding Reviews.

Fire Bird


Gradient is one of the leading paragliding brands worldwide. The base of gradient is in czech republic. By employing the most up to date technologies and materials in the design of their paragliders accident gradient have developed an international reputation for producing paragliders of exceptional quality, performance and value for money.More Info Gradient product reviews: Gradient naveda Paragliding Reviews.



PARATECH is a manufacturer headquartered in the United States, with offices in Europe and distributors around the world. The factory, located in Frankfort, Illinois (approximately 30 miles southwest of Chicago), is fully CNC equipped with extensive molding capabilities. All PARATECH products are designed by PARATECH engineers and all processes that include milling, turning, rubber molding and assembly are performed at the factory in Frankfort, Illinois. Read More Paratech paragliding Reviews.

Sol Paragliders

The SOL Paragliders is the result of over 30 years of involvement in sport – since 1979 has a close relationship with all that is related to free flight. In 1991 this involvement has become a business. Leader in the Americas and one of the world leaders in the production of paragliders and hang gliding equipment. The SOL has distributors in 72 countries and has its products being used in every country in the world that practice paragliding powered paraglider or as it is called in English. Read More Sol Paragliding Reviews.


Wind tech

Windtech is a Spanish company founded in 1995 and now one of the largest paragliding manufacturers in the world and manufactures almost all of its wings in Europe. Windtech has a new state of the art manufacturing facility ideally situated right next to both Atlantic coastal soaring sites and the Pyrenees mountain thermal sites. However it is not Windtech’s desire to be the largest company in the world nor to sell their wings to every pilot, consistent with Airplay Paragliding‘s focus on quality over quantity.More info About Windtech Reviews: Wind tech paragliding Reviews.

Fly ozone Paragliding

Paragliding gear is at a crossroads. For ten years it has been led by competition development, resulting in generations of equipment that require increasing amounts of skill to use. This has gone hand-in-hand with a culture which encourages pilots to keep ‘graduating up’ to higher-performance gliders. We have seen the effect of this type of development in hang gliding and windsurfing: vast amounts of research effort go into producing equipmentwhich can be handled only by a few top performers, while the needs of the great mass of enthusiasts tend to be neglected. Both those sports are in decline. Read info about fly ozone Reviews: Fly ozone paragliding Reviews.

Advance sigma Paragliding

Israeli Paragliding

U- Turn


Two leading manufacturers, Nova and Advance, have decided on close strategic cooperation in development and production. Both companies will retain their independence, and the long-established Advance and Nova brands will continue in the market. The synergic advantages of this cooperation will strengthen development potential for both partners, and result in even better products for pilots. More Info Nova Product reviews: Nova paragliding review.

Niviuk Paragliding

Niviuk began operations in 2005 and has quickly developed a reputation of high performing, quality paragliders. Swiss designer Oliver Nef spent time at Advance before stepping on board with Niviuk. Niviuk’s competition glider, the Icepeak XP, has proved itself by holding spots on the podium at various world competitions, including the 2008 Monarca Open and 2008 Paragliding Pre-Worlds, both in Valle De Bravo, Mexico. More Info Niviuk Product reviews: Niviuk Paragliding reviews.

Icaro Paragliding

German paragliding manufacturer Icaro Paragliders was founded ten years ago by Wolfgang and Vera Kaiser.Ten years on they say they have a highly motivated and future-orientated team, including Gudrun Öchsl, Alexander Meschuh and Michael Nesler – the team who brought us the popular Acrobatics book – whose philosophy is, and always has been, more about quality and customer service than a quest to earn money.More info Icaro reviews Icaro Paragliding Reviews.

Swing Paragliding

SWING has been successfully developing paragliders since1986 and is one of the pioneer manufacturers in the paragliding scene.In1999, SWING succeeded in gaining market leadership and have been extending it since then. A company with a strong international orientation, working with 170 distributors in more than 48 countries and thus offering customers an extensive and efficient dealer network. Global thinking combined with local action allow world-wide flexibility in co-operation with capable partners. SWING is located 30 kilometers west of Munich, near the Bavarian Alps, giving it an ideal base.More Swing Reviews: Swing Paragliding Reviews.