Full Inspection – thorough technical check

Risers and Speed-System Check

We do examine the following elements:

  • wear damage to risers as a whole,
  • places of contact with steering lines (if some fibres are melted or hardened, this is a sign of high temperature and friction, so the entire riser is to be replaced),
  • end loop of the risers (whether they are damaged by carabiners),
  • smooth operation of steering lines and speed-system pulleys,
  • speed-system cord length (cannot be strained when the riser is loaded) and overall quality (as any damage to the line sheath, e.g. caused by Velcro zips, can shorten the cord),
  • all seams of the risers (if in doubt, the entire riser must be replaced),
  • closure of the quick links (should not be opened by bare hands),
  • o-rings holding the lines on the quick-links together (they stiffen in time).